Sam Horn - Intrigue

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Want to Capture Interest in the Frist 5 Seconds?

What's one of the breakout TV shows this season?

"Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"

Learn from this title. Look at the lead lines in your blog postings, articles, chapters, and Web pages.

Do they start off by simply describing what you have to say or sell?

Why not rephrase those introductory remarks into questions that elicit answers? You'll be setting up two-way communication instead of a one-way sermon.

Look at the difference between "Don't Sabotage Yourself" and "Are You Sabotaging Yourself?" One is an order. Do you know anyone who likes to be ordered around? The other Socratically causes people to reflect and respond.

Next time you write marketing material or sales copy, ask yourself, "How can I open with a question so I'm capturing interest instead of making a statement?"

Why is that so important? Statements sit on the page. Questions engage.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Want a Name That Gets Your Book or Business Noticed?

Several attention-getting names caught my eye this morning.

Today’s WSJ features an article about people who have taken advice from spouses about work-related issues only to have that advice backfire. What are those spouses called? Badvisors.

This morning's USA Today features an article on Chrisopher Buckley's latest satire about what's going to happen when 77 million baby boomers start wanting their Social Security checks instead of their MTV. Its name? Boomsday. Brilliant.

Fellow blogger Marilynn Mobley emailed about a new company that makes luxury items for children, such as pacifiers adorned with crystals. Its smile-inducing name? Aristobrats!

The good news is, ANYONE –with a little brain power and the Alphabetizing technique described in my POP! book– can come up with their own stop-em-in-their-tracks name to help their priority project break out.

I used this technique to create my trademarked topic of Tongue Fu!® – the verbal form of Kung Fu. Want to learn how to create a name that gets you and your ideas and offerings noticed? Read more at